Hi! Here's a personal update about what I'm thinking about adding to the newsletter -- open to suggestions!

Hey everyone, Dianna here! The girl behind the newsletter :)

Since it's a new year, I wanted to really take some time and think about how I can be better and improve what I share each week. If you've been around for a while, you know I often reflect on this a lot. There's currently 3,500 people signed up to receive weekly recipes -- so I just want to make sure I'm on top of everyone's expectations!

Here's some things I want to try and implement, will try to be consistent with, but I can't make any promises as this is still just a project I do in my free time on top of work and life. Gotta cut a girl some slack here and there haha, I hope you all understand.

  • Adding photos to recipes of what the completed meal looks like

  • Breaking down the cost of each meal

  • Printable grocery lists (I do this already, but since the holidays rolled around, it was hard finding the time to make the graphics -- will definitely get back on top of this since life has become a bit more routine again)

I'm open to any more suggestions you may have, after all, we're all a community here and I'm just trying to help :) Leave a comment below.

I will say, because I know this has been requested before, I won’t be adding nutritional information. I’ve tried and it is honestly extremely time consuming…

One thing I want to know, in order to make things more simple and easy to read, how much of a demand is there for the metric conversions? Let me know if you use the metric conversions and how much you would hate me if I removed them haha :(

Happy new year again, and I hope everyone is staying on track of their goals <3